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35, USA

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"This has changed my life. I actually have a super fun girl that drove out to Utah on her own dime to see me staying with me for the next couple of days. I have never dated such high quality girls in my life. I have met about 5 girls so far and all of them have been fun and beautiful."


28, Canada

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"It's going amazing so far. Over the past month I've pretty much gone on 2-3 dates a week with some stunningly gorgeous girls. I find that I even had to cancel dates sometimes just because I've set up so many. One week I went on 4 dates (4 days on a row) but I realized that's waaay to tiring - what a great issue to have. 
The photos and high value descriptions have crushed it so far (along with the use of high value stories), girls that flaked on me way back in the past have even resurfaced. lol"


43, USA

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"I am tired of falling for the wrong gals. I just wasted 1-1/2 yrs of my life thinking she was the one after my 11year marriage failed me 3 years ago. She broke up with me bc I was too good to her. That she was emotionally and mentally abused by her ex’s that when I treated her right and showed her she was worth way more and she was a queen. She said she needed to work on herself now and as amazing as I am she felt like she was making me settle. I am tired of being a fixer I want to be happy I deserve to be happy!" 


29, USA

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"Honestly, I've felt unwanted by a lot of the women I've met up with. After my last breakup, with a girl i had been seeing for two years, who I had seen a future with, I fell apart and I had lost a lot of hope in ever finding a woman that would make me happy. I've been single for a long time and there have been flings throughout the years, but nothing with substance. So I was starting from square one. Endless Options has helped me put my best foot forward with online dating and I've finally been attracting and going on dates with quality women. I've re-watched the course twice and am finding new lessons every time, even with regards to being a high value man and holding a dominant frame like you guys talk about. Thank you! " 

Brian D.

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"Brothers! I'm only at the end of Module 2, and this just paid for itself – today, Monday 2/17/2020. I used the "Dear Diary" re-opener, got a coffee date, turned it into shopping at the mall, then lunch, then sitting and chatting, then walking to her car, and finally scoring the kiss. Yes, I'm a short nerdy Asian guy. Yes, she's a cute, blue-eyed, petite White girl. Cliche? Eh. It is what it is. She just messaged me saying how much fun she had hanging out. Aw, man! Okay, except for the "Dear Diary" part, I didn't actually use any online stuff yet; although, as recommended, I did ask her opinion about my Tinder profile. She liked it! She thought it was funny! " 

By Danakin S.

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This shit works bois, tried it for the first time today and it’s magical 😂 here’s the best part, it doesn’t only have to be used for getting girl, it works for business as well!! Voice notes go a long way guys!! Keep being optimistic, you got this bois! 

Andy, 22, Norway

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My guy friends now look at me as a god in dating. I’ve never been happier with my life as I am right now.
Went to 3 tinder dates within the 2 first weeks of the program. I even had to say no to join certain women home

Oliver, 25, UK

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I've become sooo much more confident with phone calls, voice chatting and conversation in general due to sending voice chats. I'm a better, more confident person for it! I chat with my friends more often as well now because of it. Also am having loads of fun - that's gotta be a plus ;)

Joe, 29, Canada

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Before joining: I had very little success. Lmfao who am I kidding, I had no luck.
After: Went on a few dates and I actually got a girlfriend. The voice note + pictures + killer bio really changed everything.” 

Friedrich, 31, Germany

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After going through the lessons and implmenting everything, my success on Tinder has gone up dramatically. I've been going on at least 1 good date per week for the last 2 months. Overall, very happy. However, I wish there was more personalized feedback given to each student because there have been times I've been stuck and didn't know how to respond to a very specific interaction. I hope you guys add some custom coaching in the future. 

Ben, 26, USA

Verified Purchase

I just want to say that it's amazing how this can not only apply to attracting women but also to other things, like job applications. This course is incredible encouraging, great job, Jesse and David!

Mathew, 28, USA

Verified Purchase

The first month when implementing everything I did 20+ dates. I've slowed down to about 5-10. I can honestly say I had a model chase me like Jesse says in the advertisement. I've been getting a few dates a week with decently attractive girls who have things going on in their lives (like owning their own business or make 6 figures in consulting)

Carl, 33, USA

Verified Purchase

I am way more selective with the quality of women I let into my life. I don’t take “rejection” or “objections” as hard anymore because I have so many options.

Dante, 23, Canada

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Before Endless Options I felt pretty directionless in life and was living my life as driftwood but Endless Options helped regain my ambition and made my life more exciting again. The fact I was simply able to get a date from online dating was an incredible feat for myself considering prior to Endless Options I was barely able to get any matches.